Workshop: I Can’t Make You: Attitude Shifts and Derailments for Resistance - Part 1!

Presented by John Maag
*Note: This is a 2-part session!

How do we respond to a student that says "Make me!" Our authority has been threatened. Yet, we can't make others do anything. Therefore, we want to set an example that shows other students they can't get away with misbehaving. Unfortunately, most of the ways we try and set an example have the opposite effect and actually increase resistance. The solution is to change our responses to students' resistance rather than trying to force students to comply. Do you disagree with me? If so, then I have just created your resistance! I can change that. The key is understanding the difference between knowledge and knowing. In Part 1 of this presentation, resistance will be reconceptualized and an alternative paradigm will be presented from which to develop and implement effective interventions.

Session Takeaways: Participants will...

  • Understand how paradigms impact perception and practices
  • Learn how to develop rapport using children's behavior
  • Gain strategies for avoiding power struggles
  • Understand how to use resistance to obtain compliance

About John:
Photo of John MaagJohn W. Maag is a Professor specializing in the education and treatment of children with emotional and behavioral disorders. He teaches courses in behavior management, cognitive therapy, and the use of strategic interventions. He also teaches general education pre-service teachers to work with students with disabilities. Dr. Maag received the UNL Distinguished Teaching Award.

His current research interests include functional assessment, treatment of depression, and teaching self-management skills. He has published over 100 journal articles and book chapters—as well as authoring four books - one of which, Parenting Without Punishment, won a Parent's Choice Award. A licensed psychotherapist, he also is a frequent public speaker and consulting editor to numerous journals.